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Cybersecurity for Non-Profit

Operating a non-profit is a ton of work. There are boards, stakeholders, executive directors, donors, staff, clients, and a plethora of other people usually involved in helping a non-profit organization succeed in its mission. Most non-profits operate in areas where their help is critical. When it comes to cybersecurity for non-profit organizations, this is a critical component that you can no longer ignore. Hackers and criminals used to target only the larger organizations because they were looking for larger payloads. However, they've learned that it can be easier to get within a smaller non-profit to steal information. Sometimes, a smaller non-profit can hold just as much information as a larger non-profit, but not have the same difficult defenses to get through.

How can we help a non-profit protect their sensitive information?

  • Education: There are many parts moving inside of a non-profit. You must have the board properly educated in order to make the best decisions on policies. Your executive staff must also understand the risks posed by the cybersecurity world. Finally, a non-profit must have its staff and even the volunteers aware of the issues lurking.
  • Auditing: You cannot begin to plan your next move until you know where you're currently sitting. Let our audit serve as a baseline for your current cybersecurity posture.
  • Consulting, Policies, & Training: Once you know and understand your baseline, we'll help you make a cybersecurity plan. The consultation will include reviewing and deciding on which risks to mitigate and which risks to accept. We can even help write policies and implement them into your existing procedures.
  • Support: Do you have an IT support staff? If now, we are here for you. Cybersecurity can require an IT-trained person to be involved. If you already have IT help, we'll work in tandem with them to get your system running properly. If you do not already have IT help, we’ll make sure that help is ready to work.
  • Monitoring: We're here to handle your cybersecurity monitoring. Allow us to monitor for specific events or keep an eye on the big picture to make sure that unauthorized people aren't looking.
  • Response & Restoration: In today's world, we don't discuss what to do if you'll be breached, we discuss what to do when you're breached. When you experience a cybersecurity event, you need to know what to do next. We're here for you and will help you respond and restore your organization's operations.
  • Recovery: It takes a while to get back to normal after the discovery, response, and restoration procedures. Recovery helps your organization get back to a business-as-usual operating stance.