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Small Business

We're not big fans of the term "small business" as it makes you think that these businesses aren't as good as the big companies. Even though the business may be defined as a small business, it is almost certainly a big deal to the business owner, the employees, and the clients they serve. If any part of the business is not working properly, chances are that the business owner will have a big headache! Small business owners have to be armed with a ton of information in order to successfully run a small business. We're here to help. We want to help you learn about and implement cybersecurity for small business.

How can we help you with the cybersecurity for your business?

  • Education: The best investment a small business owner can make is in education. Whether you're educating yourself or your staff, putting cybersecurity education at the forefront is a very smart decision.
  • Auditing: Don't let this boring and dry term scare you. As the owner, you usually just want things to run and you're not usually concerned with how they run. When it comes to cybersecurity, you're doing yourself and your entire business a huge injustice. You have to pay attention to your cybersecurity risks and the procedures for dealing with your business data.
  • Consulting, Policies, & Training: After you discover where your risks are, you need to take action to mitigate as many as possible. We will help you review and decide on which risks to mitigate and which risks to accept. Once you've finalized the decisions, we'll write policies and help implement them into your existing business.
  • Support: If you need an extra pair of hands to get things set up, we're here for you. Sometimes cybersecurity requires an IT-trained person to be involved. Rest easy by knowing that if you don't already have IT support that can help out, we'll make sure you're covered.
  • Monitoring: You have enough to do throughout the day, let us handle your cybersecurity monitoring. We can monitor for specific events or keep an eye on the big picture to make sure nobody else is looking.
  • Response & Restoration: When something happens, you need to know where to turn. Turn back to us. We've been preparing you for this day, we've got this!
  • Recovery: Once you've been able to respond to an incident, you have to clean things back up. We'll help you recover from your situation in order to restore business back to normal.